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Hi, I'm Sam.

As a designer I think that meaning is crucial and try to provide a meaning to each piece of my work. Whilst my work may tend to lean towards minimalism I also enjoy experimenting with different styles that best suit the tone and meaning of work that I engage with. When working with meaning I often tend to inform it with personal experience and research; however, I also question the deeper foundation behind it and what value that holds, who defines the worth of it and other similar elements.  



I have worked freelance for 3+ years with multiple clients including local startups and small businesses on a variety of products. The main source of work I undergo for these clients revolve around branding; From modernising the brand to creating an online presence through the use of a website. When engaging in branding projects I am keen to create an interesting brand journey as I believe that is the most important part of a brand.


Working in the Kent / London area.

I'm available for projects as well as potential employment opportunities.

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